Final Ed. Tech Reflection

Starting out the semester I was unsure what this class would be about, I mean educational technology is just about computers, right? The amount of different technologies that we learned about and learned to use was simply amazing. Learning how to integrate these technologies into my future classroom opened my eyes to all of the beneficial ways that technology can help teach my students and me as well. After taking this class I feel comfortable using  a Smartboard, something I used to be afraid I would break, and I feel comfortable trying out new websites and programs just to see how they work and whether or not they would work for me. This class has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me in the classroom.


Digital Portfolio

I am really glad that this was a final project, and not something that I started at the beginning of the semester as I would have changed my mind again and again about how best to set my digital portfolio up and what to add to it and how to present it.  Making this digital portfolio has proved to be an experience as I put all of the skills I’ve learned throughout the semester to use and learned quite a few new skills about developing a web page.

Blog 3 #edteach

I watched the #edteach chat last Tuesday, Nov. 19th.  The theme for the chat was classroom management.  Jared Clark was the moderator of the chat and he asked 5 different questions and an exit ticket.  There were a variety of different people participating in the chat and there were a number of different ideas posted about how to handle classroom management, as a pre-service teacher and as a new teacher.  Some of the ideas suggested for classroom management were things that I was already aware of such as the use of proximity to students to keep them on task and to minimize disruptions but there were other ideas about praise and how to use it which were very interesting.  There was a difference of opinion between a few people about how many rules are necessary for a class and whether or not they should be posted somewhere in the room.  There was also an interesting discussion about how to handle cell phones in the classroom.  Creating tape cubbies for the student’s phones is a solution to students who are usually distracting in class. There were no links posted except to a book that someone had written.  I did not follow five people as many of the others in the chat were pre-service teachers and students, but I did follow two people on was @TheDisciplineDr who was an advocate for as many or as few rules as needed for the class. I also followed @jaymelinton who seemed to have many good ideas and input about different management styles.  This chat was very interesting and it was a very useful topic to read about as well.

Personal Interest Projects

I enjoyed what I got to see of the projects. I enjoyed the breakdown of Logan and Hanna’s, the one sentence introduction to what the information was about was very helpful.  I think the video at the beginning was the most helpful in explaining and introducing the topic.  I learned a ton about Podcasts from this

I tried to load Nicole and Brittany’s Glogster three or four times in 3 different browsers with little to no success. I was able to see the topic which said mobile learning and watch the Youtube video at the bottom. I could also see some of the animated stickers (the dog with the wagging tail was cool) but no other information or links, I am not sure why this was the case. I am hoping that I can look at it more closely upon returning to campus. Watching the video I would actually like to know more about Nicole and Brittany’s  topic because using apps for more than content based learning seems interesting.  I did enjoy looking at everyone else’s projects as well and found them all to be interesting (though I still had issues with different parts of the Glogs loading).

Personal Interest Project

This project has taught me much about digital storytelling , what it is, how to use it, and all of the advantages that come with it. Exploring the extra long list of different storytelling tools showed me the different uses and advantages of telling a story or presenting an idea digitally. Exploring the different tools also showed me the difficulties of using and combining multiple technologies into one project. The process of creating this project was very enjoyable and I hope you have as much fun as I did learning about  Digital Storytelling .

Social Bookmarking with Diigo

When first reading about this project I was skeptical, it sounded a bit like finding things for links I would never use. Diigo has turned out to be very useful for me. While creating lesson plans for other classes and working on other projects I am usually bookmarking them so that I can work on them later or have easy access to whatever I’m working on from where ever I am.  Though Diigo was being used to create my PLN I also began using it to keep the numerous links helpful links I come across and save on a regular basis in a much better order than I normally would just by bookmarking them in my toolbar. I plan on continuing to add to my Diigo library as I continue with classes about education and teaching in general.

Safari Tour of Masters Hall

This project was by far the most fun project that I have done in college. Having two other people to star in and edit the video made the project easier and more fun to do especially when your group members (Nicole Huber and Logan Toomey) are awesome! I learned to use MovieMaker in 6th grade and have not touched it since, this project was a great reintroduction to using the program. I think watching and making videos is a great way for students to learn and present new information that they have learned. You could use a project like this in a variety of ways including: having students teach information to their peers through, having students make videos on different parts of a unit to present to their peers, making videos of a lesson for absent students to watch, watching student videos from around the world to see how different cultures make and produce videos, or watching videos of a lesson presented in a different manner.